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Framed Holiday Dish Towel
Chelci Lindsay September 10, 2019

Framed Holiday Dish Towel


Turn those cute, trendy, holiday dish towels into a stylish shelf display. I found this Halloween towel in the dollar spot of target. I searched and searched for a frame to fit the cloth, but when I couldn't find one.  decided to make a custom frame to fit it. It also was a lot cheaper then buying one. Scroll down to watch the video tutorial. 

Follow this simple tutorial below to make your own. 


2- 1x2 boards (cut to the length of your cloth.) 

Hand staple gun. 

wood glue




Use wood glue to piece your wood ends together. Let sit for a couple of minutes. If you have access to a finish nailer you can nail the pieces together or use a hand stapler. I also used joint compound on the corner pieces but this is not necessary. 


Paint your frame. 

Once frame is dry use your staple gun to fasten the cloth to your frame. Start on the corner and work your way around the frame. If you are using the same cloth I used I HIGHLY RECOMMEND cutting of the black seam around the back. I only wanted the wording and the white part to show in my frame, so that all the lines were even.

Your done!!! Super simple, & easy way to decorate for the holidays. For all you visual learners below is a video tutorial. 



Side Note: If you don't have a table saw at home, you can also make a custom frame from the square dowels. If you use this method to make your frame you will need a finish nailer or screw to stack the square pieces on top of each other forming a square. (It will be harder pulling your cloth tight doing it this way. You won't have as much room to work with.) 



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Chelci Lindsay September 02, 2019

DIY Yarn Hanging

I have the cutest wallpaper in my little girls room, but it is a little busy. I have had the hardest time trying to decide what I should do above her bed. I knew I couldn't do a print because it would be too distracting against the wallpaper. I patiently waited until I found the perfect accessory for her wall! The best party about it is, its a simple DIY project and its TOTALLY AFFORDABLE! You know I love all things inexpensive around here! I will put the supply list below and then I created a short video that shows in detail how its done!  In the tutorial video I only added 3 strings of yarn, but In the one I did for my little girls room I had the main strand and then the 3 on each side. I also cut them in a V shape. 


  • Wooden Dowel from either Home Depot or Lowe’s. Thickness & Length is completely up to you. 
  • At least 3 colors of yarn. I just got the cheap yarn from Wal Mart. 
  • Watch the video below for the full tutorial. 

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DIY Wood Shelf
Chelci Lindsay January 03, 2019

DIY Wood Shelf

Read our step by step guide on how to DIY our Wood Shelf

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prints framing frame decor design
Chelci Lindsay November 22, 2018

Tips and Tricks for Framing your White Grove Prints

There are so many to choose from! White Grove has plenty of stylish new prints that would look great in any home going for a modern style. When you have lots of space on your walls it is necessary to fill them up so your walls don’t look empty.

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white grove decor merry christmas
Chelci Lindsay November 15, 2018

DIY Christmas Chalkboard

Christmas always seems to get me into the crafting spirit. My friend had repurposed an old DI frame into a chalkboard sign and it gave me the idea to create this simple DIY Christmas sign that can also be used after the holidays as well. Its simple but adds some Christmas cheer to your walls. 

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woman wear jumpsuit jump suit romper
Chelci Lindsay October 19, 2018

Cozy, Comfortable, and Convenient ... Jumpsuits

Buy less and buy better. These fuss-free, stylish Jumpsuits will make you wish you had been wearing these earlier. Jumpsuits are trendy and will look perfect for this coming Autumn. You add whatever jacket you want to it so you are still warm when it starts to get chilly. You won’t regret adding a jumpsuit to your wardrobe

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