DIY Christmas Chalkboard

white grove decor merry christmas

November 15, 2018

Christmas always seems to get me into the crafting spirit. My friend had repurposed an old DI frame into a chalkboard sign and it gave me the idea to create this simple DIY Christmas sign that can also be used after the holidays as well. Its simple but adds some Christmas cheer to your walls. 


  • 4- 1x1's (Cut 2 of the 1x1 to 23")

  • One chalkboard sign

  • Drill

  • Small screws. 

  • nail gun (optional)

  • Picture hanging hardware

If you pick up your hardware at Home Depot or Lowes they will cut the wood for you. IMPORTANT: You only need to cut two to of the pieces to 23". The other two pieces are 36" long and do not need to be cut! You can either use screws or a nail gun to piece together the 1x1s to create a frame. You can leave the wood raw or stain/paint it to the color you want. 

Place the piece of chalkboard on the back of the frame. The white part of the board should be facing up. Check to make sure the board aligns with the frame. Use small screws to drill the board into the back of the frame. You will want to make sure the screws are not longer than the frame. Place your hanging hardware in the CENTER of the back of the frame.

TADA. The frame is done!

If you have handwriting you dig you can write your cute little Christmas saying on the board. I need a little assistance and used a stencil and a chalk pen to write mine.

I added a DIY wood garland to the top of the sign to give it a little more color and texture. If you already have a felt garland you love you could use that as well. I wasn't able to find one with the colors I wanted, so I decided to make the wood one! Scroll down to see how I made the garland.

Heres what you will need for the wood garland:

  • Round Wood beads in the size that you want. I used 1.25"

  • Your choice of paint colors.(I used craft paint, but you could easily spray paint them as well.)

  • Thick string. I found mine in the bead section of Michaels.

The round wood I found only had half the hole drilled through it. I used a drill bit to drill the hole all the way through. You can buy these with the holes drilled all the way, but I couldn't find them in this size with the hole drilled all the way through. (I only looked at Michaels though.) 
I painted the wood the color I wanted and then strung them through the string.
I took my hot glue gun and dabbed a small amount of glue in the hole of the ball to prevent it from moving around the string. I then placed the garland on the board and glued the string to the back of the board!

You can get as creative as you want with the garland and choose the colors you love or that match your Christmas decor! The Cement tapered Christmas trees in the picture below are  available in the shop. I would love to see what you come up with! Send me a picture of your board or post it to instagram and make sure to tag @whitegrovedecor! Happy crafting friends!