DIY Wood Shelf

DIY Wood Shelf

January 03, 2019




Step 1: You will need 2- 1x3's and 1- 1x2's of common board wood. 



Step 2: Sand your wood with a fine grit sand paper. I used 220 grit. I lightly sanded each piece of wood. 

Step 3: Stain the wood in your color of choice. I am liking the raw wood look right now, so I used a white clear coat to just prevent the wood from yellowing. 

Step 4: The 1x3's will be the bottom and the back part of the shelf. Align the 1x3s together. One laying vertical the other horizontal. Use either a screw driver or a nail gun to put these two pieces together. 

Step 5: The 1x2 will be the front of the shelf. You can use wood glue and clamps to put that front piece on or your nail gun. I used my nail gun to place the front piece on and just filled in the small holes with wood filler. 

Step 6: Place your beautiful shelf on the wall. We just used screws and drilled them into the wall from the front of the 1x3. 

I use these as book shelves in my kids room and also as a picture shelf.