Tips and Tricks for Framing your White Grove Prints

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November 22, 2018

Find a Cute Print

There are so many to choose from! White Grove has plenty of stylish new prints that would look great in any home going for a modern style. When you have lots of space on your walls it is necessary to fill them up so your walls don’t look empty.

Prints really are a great choice! They’re cute, classy, and easy. You really get creative when deciding on a print. If you are into seasonal vibes you might want to go for a Christmas print. If you like decor to stay stylish all year around then my favorite is this cow print. People really just don’t give cows enough credit for how cute they are.

Tip: Style your print around your house’s color scheme
If you’ve put enough time and effort into creating a theme for your house then you’re going to want to make sure you match your piece with the theme. Luckily, there are literally thousands of prints to choose from that you can put into your house.
Sometimes there’s just one print you’re absolutely settled on and you have to have it.
Well that’s okay!
To make it work you’re going to want to choose a frame that fits with your theme and a plain white mat. This will make sure your art doesn’t detract from your theme and just contributes it classiness to it. In no time, your house is going to look absolutely amazing.

Have you ever considered making a print the centerpiece of your room? It’s very easy to design an entire room around a single piece. It becomes the focal-point that everybody sees. From there, you can find colors and styles that continue to add to the vibe. In no time, you’ll see a room that is completely unique and creative.

One thing is for sure, you’re going to be happy that you’ve decided on framing your print. It’s going to really add to the appeal of your house and it can be really easy to do.


Decide on the Color and Style of Frame

Always, always decide on a print first! Once you choose one you love, you can begin working on the next step...

You’ve got to think about the frame! This is the border and it is just as important as the rest, of course everybody is going to notice it. This is why you’ve got to pay extra attention and not get lazy here.

Tip: Shop around at yard sales for used frames
I’ve seen plenty of yard sales where people are trying to get rid of their old frames. Usually these are going to be smaller frames, but there’s definitely going to be a sales that sell large sized frames.

When deciding on the frame to put it in you’ve got two major factors: style and color. These can impact the entire look if the piece so it’s important to take your time.


color palette framing prints

Now to add a pop of color to the frame. Find something that works with your print. Remember, the print is the centerpiece of the art you’re creating.You might be tempted to go with something that really stands out for a frame but beware! You’re only going to be detracting from your beautiful print that you just bought.

I would recommend looking at your blacks, browns, and whites first. They are extremely neutral and can be reused for each new print throughout the year.

But don’t overlook your colors! Baby blues and pinks can look extremely cute when put together with the right print and mat. Plus, they’re going to be unique when most people tend to go with neutral frames.


There are plenty of options with deciding on the texture and even the depth of your frame. For depth, I usually like to use the more “3D” frames when I’m dealing with 2-dimensional prints. I save the flat frames for prints that tend to be more expansive and have a more horizontal feel.

That really is just me though. What you like in a frame is up to you. It’s all about finding your own style and owning it.

Tip: Use an old frame
If you have already collected plenty of frames, then it might make sense to plan around one you don’t particularly enjoy. By starting with this, it gives you a clear sense of direction and a much cheaper project.
Additionally, try repainting an old frame to give it another life! It is surprisingly easy and will make it look as good as new.

When choosing a texture you’re going to have to see what’s available. If you are dead-set on a specific texture you’re most likely going to have to order one online in the style you’re looking for.

You can usually find frames at a craft store like Michaels or online. It’s a good idea to see when sales are so you’re always getting the best deal. Remember! You’re not in a rush to get your print on the wall. It’s okay to wait a month or two to save money. Buying in bulk is another great option to save money.

Find a Mat to Place your Piece in

Mats are my favorite part about hanging artwork. I think they just make them look so clean and classy!

99% of the time it’s best to go with white. Your art is what you paid for and your art is what you want to stand out. Unless, your piece has an accent in it that you think a colored mat would bring out, try to stick to a neutral mat.

Try not to be tempted by bright colors, but if that’s your style, then don’t let me change your mind. Light colors can look cute, but you’re going to want to put a lot of thought into it before you make the decision.

If your room is really lacking color, then I would suggest a colored mat because it could really add to the vibrancy of your room. Many newer design styles tend to shy away from color

Once you decide on the margins, you’re going to have to either buy it at a craft store or custom make it. There are plenty of DIY websites for making mats that have very easy guides to follow. The benefit of getting your mat made at a craft store is that you’ll have a 2nd opinion and someone that really knows what you’re doing. Remember, mats commonly go for around $20 at craft shops.

Secure your Art!

framing style decor prints

Those of you with kids are going to be especially familiar with how dirty your walls and floors can be from children. One flung ravioli could ruin your print with its evil marinara if you don’t have your print sealed with glass.

It’s optional, but I would always recommend glass. You don’t have to do it immediately, but the sooner the better, kids always find a way of making a mess.

At White Grove, we have plenty of prints for you to choose from. My personal favorite is the Three Musketeers Bundle that feature the cutest, little alpacas you’ll ever find. Seriously! Check it out!

Make sure you contact us on our website if you have any questions or inquiries.